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Incucyte® Angiogenesis 96-well Primekit

A validated 96-well human co-culture angiogenesis assay kit of GFP-Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (GFP-HUVEC) and Normal Human-Derived Fibroblasts (NHDF).

(Cat. No. 4452)

The Angiogenesis Primekit enables dynamic measurement of vascular tube formation and disruption in a relevant human primary cell, co-culture model. The kit is suitable for testing novel test samples (e.g. small molecules, antibodies, siRNAs) for pro- or anti-angiogenic activity, and can also be used for target validation and exploratory studies.

Each kit includes one frozen vial of human GFP-labeled HUVECs, one frozen vial of NHDF, a 96-well plate, all media components and a detailed assay protocol. Once received, you can run the assay immediately or at the time of your choosing. Various growth factor supplements are also available to be purchased separately. This co-culture model recapitulates all phases of the in vivo angiogenesis process, including cell proliferation, migration, morphogenesis, and anastomosis. Under basal conditions, the cultures exhibit a low level of capillary-like tube formation after 8-14 days. Inclusion of vascular growth factors such as VEGF, EGF, or bFGF produces robust tube formation, typically >5-fold over basal.

Angiogenesis Primekits undergo extensive quality control testing to ensure robust and reproducible tube formation. Careful adherence to the PrimeKit protocol will (1) yield Z' values >0.5 using our high and low control samples, and (2) minimize unwanted edge effects enabling the use of the entire 96-well plate for test agent investigation. Our strict criteria for assay performance enable high-quality assessment of the pro- or anti-angiogenic potential of test samples in a highly relevant in vitro setting.

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