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Incucyte® NucLight Orange Lentivirus Reagent (EF1α, Puro) - 0.2mL

Incucyte® NucLight Orange Lentivirus Reagent (EF1α, Puro) - 0.2mL

One vial of Lentivirus reagent (0.2 mL) suitable for transducing cells with a non-perturbing nuclear restricted orange fluorescent label. Stable cell lines can be created under puromycin selection.
(Cat. No. 4771)

Incucyte® NucLight Lentivirus Reagents enable efficient, non-perturbing, nuclear labeling of living mammalian cells. They are compatible with convenient transduction protocols and enable real-time cell counting and the calculation of cell doubling times. Incucyte NucLight Orange Lentivirus Reagent provides homogenous expression of nuclear-restricted TagRFP (orange fluorescent protein) in your choice of primary, immortalized, dividing, or non-dividing cells without altering cell function and with minimal toxicity. This reagents is ideal for generating stable cell populations or clones using puromycin selection. The Incucyte NucLight Lentivirus Reagents have been validated for use with the Incucyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System for Neuroscience.

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