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IncuCyte® NucLight Rapid NIR Reagent

IncuCyte® NucLight Rapid NIR Reagent

Supplied as a single vial (50 µL), sufficient for 100 to 200 tests in a 96-well plate.
(Cat. No. 4804)

The IncuCyte® NucLight Rapid NIR Reagent for nuclear labeling is a cell permeable DNA stain that specifically stains nuclei in cells and is ideally suited to the mix-and-read, real-time quantification using the IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System. Addition of the IncuCyte NucLight Rapid NIR Reagent to normal healthy cells is non-perturbing to cell growth and morphology and provides homogeneous staining of nuclei, enabling the real-time, fluorescent quantification of cell proliferation. When added to cell culture medium, the inert stain crosses the cell membrane and has excellent specificity for DNA without the need for a wash step. With the IncuCyte® integrated analysis software, fluorescent objects can be quantified and background fluorescence minimized. This reagent can be multiplexed with IncuCyte® Annexin V, Caspase-3/7 or Cytotox Reagents for simultaneous readouts of apoptosis or cytotoxicity alongside cell proliferation. The IncuCyte NucLight Rapid NIR Reagent has been validated for use with IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems configured with an Orange/NIR Optical Module.

Download the white paper – Fluorescent Cell Labeling Strategies for Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis

Key advantages

  • Simple to use, mix-and-read reagent See Quick Guide
  • Efficient, non-perturbing cell labeling at optimized dye concentrations
  • Combine with cell health reagents for multiplexed measurements

NucLight NIR quickguide

Figure 1 Rapid, high efficiency labeling of adherent and non-adherent cell types

NucLight Rapid Red Reagent is non-perturbing and enables high-efficiency labeling of cell nuclei
IncuCyte NucLight Rapid NIR

Figure 2 Representative images and data of MDA-MB-231 labeled with IncuCyte NucLight Rapid NIR. Note the homogeneous nuclear restricted labeling by the NIR dye (pseudo-colored blue) and the healthy cell morphology. Data shows equivalent cell growth profiles to non-labeled cells.

Multiplex with cell health reagents for additional insight
IncuCyte NucLight Rapid NIR Figure 3

Figure 3 Representative images of control (top-left) or camptothecin-treated (top-right) Jurkat cells labeled with NucLight Rapid NIR reagent and Annexin V orange after 48 hour culture. Cell death (apoptosis) is monitored in real time by measuring the loss of NIR object count (bottom-left) and increase of orange object area (Annexin V signal, bottom-right) over time.